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Window Film for Winter and Summer. Dual season energy savings!

What Do These Terms Mean?

Visible Light Only the light visible to human eyes
Solar Energy All types of visible and invisible light including UV and Infrared
Trans % of Light transmitted (allowed)
Absorb % of Light absorbed
Reflect % of Light reflected
Int Reflectance on the interior when installed
Ext Reflectance on the exterior when installed
UVR % of UV Ray Rejection
TSER Total Solar Energy Rejected
SC Shading Coefficient - The lower the better the solar control efficiency of the glazing system.
GR % of Glare Reduction
E Emissivity - Lower emissivity ratings are preferred to minimize interior heat loss.
U Value The lower U-value is desirable for heat management.
SnapTint Car Tint
 Visible Light 
HP Neutral 504848449930
HP Neutral 353957449933
HP Neutral 201978439939
HP Neutral 5493439943
HP Charcoal 5052401089935
HP Charcoal 3538541089949
HP Charcoal 2022701089954
HP Charcoal 5587889958
 Visible Light 
HP True Grey 50533710109940
HP True Grey 35385111119955
HP True Grey 20216811119960
HP True Grey 5117415159967
HP Bronze 3540521089945
HP Bronze 2018741089960
HP Blue 5055371089934
Mirror Tint 50532423229950
Mirror Tint 35342938369964
Mirror Tint 20162658589979
IR Ceramic 706724899940

SnapTint Home Tint
 Solar EnergyVisible Light 
Nano Ultra Vision 7050391167248999400.69240.921.06
Nano Ultra Vision 503843195432131499530.54390.81.06
Nano Ultra Vision 402949223845141799600.46570.891.04
Dual Reflective 403549164045121599520.56570.751.07
Dual Reflective 302345322937253499640.42680.681.03
Dual Reflective 151345421639214599740.3820.771.08
New Silver Reflection 503135344130323399600.5853
New Silver Reflection 352934373925343699610.4456
New Silver Reflection 201030601422646499820.2184
Silver 504041195130211999500.58430.721.04
Silver 353141284130282999580.49540.721.05
Silver 201338491827565599780.26800.641.01
UV Clear811368956699150.9810.861.15
SolarGard Home Tint
 Solar EnergyVisible Light 
Sentinel Bronze 40 OSW2624504034232699670.380.741.04
Sentinel Bronze 20 OSW1025651941384099820.210.731.04
Sentinel Silver 35 OSW2529463425374199670.390.781.04
Sentinel Silver 20 OSW1125641623586199820.220.781.04
Summer/Winter Low-E 503535305125272499570.50.370.78
Summer/Winter Low-E 251442442230414899770.270.330.75
Stainless Steel 504444124840131199430.670.891.07
Stainless Steel 353948134245151299470.620.881.06
Stainless Steel 202255232450282599620.380.841.04
Stainless Steel 1095537943454299750.290.791.01
TrueVue 403840223947101499510.570.750.99
TrueVue 302741323147132299610.450.750.99
TrueVue 15940511243234599800.240.750.99
TrueVue 56435155084599820.210.750.99
Silver 503938235325222399500.270.710.97
Silver 352538373428363899640.350.791.01
Silver 201235531626585899790.340.70.97
SunTek Home Tint
 Solar EnergyVisible Light 
Solar Bronze 353145243738222599610.4580.720.92
Solar Bronze 201340472142343799780.29800.70.94
Blackout Opaque059410963499850.761000.631.15
Silver 503938235324232299500.580.80.771
Silver 352538373429383699640.420.730.730.98
Silver 201235531626585899790.250.710.70.97
Symphony 503443234737121699500.55480.951.06
Symphony 352643313538182799600.42580.791.03
Symphony 251945362738203599670.36700.851.03
Symphony 151040501432245499790.26850.871.03


SnapTint Window Tint Kits are made with top quality window film from leading US window film manufacturers. Our automotive and home window tinting kits are made with the DIY (Do-it-yourself) types in mind. They contain detailed installation instructions and are straighforward projects that can be installed in a single afternoon.

SnapTint products are backed by a Lifetime Replacement Warranty never to turn purple, fade, bubble, or peel.

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